Get help

Get help

Interactio has a “Get Help” button allowing users to request help from the Technical Support team. The feature is located in the dropdown, more options menu, which is represented as an ellipsis “⋮”.

To register a “Help” ticket, users have to fill in a form. The form includes:

  1. Contact information.

  2. Issue category/type.

  3. Issue description. Provide a clear and concise description.

  4. Attachments.

Users can request help for variety of topics when using the "Help" button, including:

  • Technical issues: bugs, crashes, errors, and performance problems.

  • User experience: difficulties with the user interface, navigation, or functionality.

  • Security concerns: vulnerabilities, privacy breaches, or suspicious activity.

  • Integration problems: issues with integrating the software with other systems or devices.

  • Network connectivity: problems with internet connectivity, slow response times or connection failures.

  • Compatibility issues: problems with running the software on certain devices, operating systems, or browsers.

  • Configuration problems: issues with configuring the software for specific use cases or requirements.

  • Performance optimization: speed or resource utilization.

  • Usability: difficulties with using the software effectively, efficiently, or comfortably.

  • User interface design: visual bugs or inconsistencies.

Note: This feature should not be used to register a ticket for the quality or content of the event and interpretation service.